The only thing you need to know about me is that my favorite color of blue (though purple is closely rivaling it), I’m allergic to nuts, I’m half-hispanic and I don’t want to see pictures of your dog. Everything else is irrelevant.

About You:

Are you studying abroad in Spain for the semester? I sure am! Do you have a hunger for adventure and empanadas ¡Si! Do you want to grab life by the handles and experience all that Europe has to offer? If I can afford it…Are you a broke ass college student fully supported by your parents with a small monthly allowance? Most definitely. 

Living in a foreign country for four months can be trying, especially when you have no source of income to fund your expensive expenses. At the end of a long road filled with ancient temples and Picasso museums, tapas, water that’s more expensive than wine and cabs to and from Opium lies a debit card statement on a mobile app that you’re too afraid to check. So follow me, the broad, as I experience the best that Spain and various countries in Europe have to offer, all on a college budget.

Me, waiting to be noticed by Zac Efron in Amsterdam at my friend Mia’s family friend’s house.