Day 25

So I waited until the 25th day of being abroad to post my first entry, but who’s counting anyway? Loads of important stuff happened on the 25th day: January 25th, 1721, Czar Peter the Great ends Russian-orthodox patriarchy; February 25th, 1497, Italian troops reconquer Taranto on France; March 25th, 1634, the first settlers arrive in Maryland.

Maybe I did it on purpose because my birthday is on Christmas and I associate with the number 25, or maybe I wanted to convince everyone that I was going to defy the odds and be the only girl from Indiana University in Greek life to not have an abroad blog (sorry to disappoint). Then again, maybe I’m just fashionably late to the party to attract more attention for my big debut. The most likely of reasons, though, is that I would have never made a blog about my study abroad experience if it wasn’t mandatory for my Journalism 2.0 class, but keep on speculating!

While brainstorming a topic for my blog I instinctively decided it would be about sex, since that’s what most of my articles for Odyssey are about. But after thinking long and hard (sexual innuendo inserted: ✓) about the impact of my blog, I chose to follow in the footsteps of my ancestral sisters who traveled overseas before me and share my experiences in Spain with the approximate 7 people who will read this: my professor, three brothers, parents, and probably one friend who will keep up with it for the first few weeks until the Full House reunion airs and becomes their main priority.

So nu, what’s my twist? What will set my wordpress account apart from every other punny abroad titled blog clogging your Facebook feed? Well, after blowing most of the funds my parents so graciously supplied me with (thank you Ma and Papi) on various plane tickets, groceries, drying racks and taxis, I realized I needed to conserve the little I had left in my bank account to last until the end of my viaje (that means “travels,” folks). I’ll share with my loyal six followers how to enjoy studying in Europe without having to spend vast amounts of euros on VIP tables at Opium.

Join me on my voyage as I metro my way around Spain in a sombrero while holding a coffee cup that screams American tourist.

subway and sombreros
subway and sombreros